the great Luke Ski (lukeski) wrote in dementia_macros,
the great Luke Ski

The winners of the MarsCon 2009 Dementia Macros Contest!

As judged by Sinstress:

Third Place, by Lina Candle linacandle

Second Place, by Jered Perez, aka Mr. Tuesday wwetuesday :

First Place, by Insane Ian insaneian

To the winners: There are three prizes to choose from: A copy of "Target: Audience", A full color with body & background Caricature, and a dozen custom made Chibis drawn by Luke Ski. Third place winner gets to choose one of those prizes, second place gets to choose two, first place gets all three. (For examples of caricatures & chibis, visit So email me at and let me know what you'd like.

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to eveyone for participating! Here's some other ones I personally liked:

By Blasted Bill:

By Baron Dave Romm:

By Jered Perez:

By Blasted Bill:

By Insane Ian:

By Insane Ian:

By Insane Ian:

By Insane Ian:

By Lina Candle:

By Carrie Dahlby:

By Mal:

By Mal:

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